I think of the stories I have read and seen. They are a sea. I love the ride along the waves, with
familiar story elements. The characters, they are my friends. (Except for the ones we are supposed to not like. But even then, some are redeemed.)

Like my young daughter’s delightful game she received for her birthday. You choose a setting, and take turns using the spinner to select characters and magic objects. Thus we share fairy tales in magical kingdoms. I told my son that Star Trek (and Star Wars) are like fairy tales in outer space.

I especially love the layers: books about books and stories about stories. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Shannon Hale’s Austenland, along for the ride because I appreciate the tribute to Jane Austen fans. I was pleasantly surprised (yes) by the elegant Austenian twist at the end. I was so enjoying the story, I’d forgotten to note that the storytelling was also in the vein of Ms. Austen. Same thing with the Jane Austen Book Club, novel and film. There is the pleasant ride along the story itself, and then there is the vessel.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered old stories within my own life. Archetypes and elements, dynamics.

I’m still figuring that one out. What does it all mean? What’s my story? I don’t know about you but my plotline is still developing. My character is still developing!

What’s your story?