I know what I know.
I know what I don’t know.
I don’t know it specifically,
But I know it’s out there.

Some things I don’t know
That I don’t know.
How could I know?
But some things
I didn’t know I knew
Until right that second.
But it was like I had known
All along.

Lots of times
I don’t know
What the hell I am doing.
And I wonder why people hired me
Why God entrusted my children to me
I’m just making it up
As I go along my merry
-or often not so merry- way.

Like I don’t know
What I’m writing today
I don’t know
If people will get me

But every time I think
I am alone on my journey
Somebody says,
“Me, too.”

And so I improvise
like a jazz musician
there are certain conventions
notes, chords and riffs
I mix up the elements
It sounds okay.

Knowing, not knowing..
Good enough
To keep going!