After participating in NaNoWriMo and simultaneously, I decided to take a break in December. I’m so glad I did, it allowed me to proof my book, for one. I was able to focus on the seasonal obligations. But it also allowed me to miss writing.
I missed writing. I began to subconsciously plan writing. I conceived another project, assembled some existing poetry and counted words. I thought about ways to approach prior writing blocks. I reconsidered some scenes, dialogue, and character motives in my still-unfinished nano novel.
I still read my twitter feed and links about writers and writing. I followed your blogs. I picked up an inspirational ebook where I’d left off. Realized I need to do that more. Have a number of books I started reading, delightfully, but got distracted by… Life, Work, Family, Nanowrimo, Christmas.

I’m back.

Writing, reading

& chocolate-eating.