Ok, so I published my book, then I sorta stopped blogging. Then I wrote a new book, again with the postus hiatus. Then I started a fitness program. That started out great, by the way. Then vacation. No more working out. So now I’m working on promoting my first book. (I kinda forgot that Camp Nanowrimo started up again. Hmmm.)

Friends, how do you manage all the things? It sure seems that I can only do like one extracurricular activity at a time. I already have a full time job, two kids and a husband.

Working with my book promoter has been really eye-opening. There are a lot of opportunities out there, and a lot of people looking for connections. Growing my writers circle has been exciting. Challenging myself to write guest posts tailored for certain website audiences is rewarding in itself. Adding books to my to-read shelf like mad. Adding links to my Reading List faster than I can read them. But I love it.

Growing my readers circle is even more exciting. The bibliophile community loves to retweet, and this is a beauteous thing. So much positive energy is exchanged and shared over and over again.

I am reminded that words are indeed, magic.

Looking for book tour hosts and such has inspired me to partake in the touring community. I want to extend this magic to new friends and readers.

Magic is coming.