In response to my friend’s question: “What was the first piece you were really proud of?”

In college I wrote a psychology paper in which a girl came to see a psychotherapist, and the therapist took notes. I was the girl. I was also the therapist. I remember overhearing the professor tell someone else how creative my idea was. And I remember thinking, this doesn’t even seem overly creative to me! So I began. I wrote it from the point of view of the therapist, which granted me a strange and wonderful opportunity to observe myself. I wrote dialogue in which the therapist asked the girl (me) about herself (myself). I wrote her answers and responses as I would answer, naturally. But also writing the observations of the therapist, allowed me to not pnly perceive my own flaws and inconsistencies, but offer pertinent advice, as well. I remember consciously thinking, that I, as the writer, was yet another character in this story (my third self) and how wonderful it might be to illuminate that experience and relationship to the story. And I immediately decided it might be gratuitous for an undergrad psych 101 class. I regret not ever finishing that development. And yet, I seem to be writing it right now.

I realized that the girl, therapist, and writer were like the maiden, mother, and crone. Having gone through the process of writing “Persephone & Me” I saw these parts of me develop as I grew older and experienced life. But it’s not always linear. Here was a unique instance where I could tap into each part of myself as maiden, mother, and crone, simultaneously. It was refreshing to admit that part of me will always be the girl. I still collect Hello Kitty! I’m in a mothering phase of my life right now, obviously, but I’m also just beginning to tap into my crone-dom, which I see as the writer-mentor. I feel the call to share my story and help others discover and share their stories. But also I have to remember to look out for myself, and just as the mom mothers the girl, the crone mentors the mother.

What was your first piece you were really proud of?