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Happy New Year!

What are you doing? I’m deciding between which one of three books to write next. Well, really it’s between two. Oh, damn, I just thought of a third/ fourth idea. Seriously.

Also I’m starting book blogging. I want to feature one or two writers a month. I have already lined up one. I love reading new books. I am looking at aligning with a book tour company.

In other news: it’s a great time to be a fairy-tale lover. Into the Woods is out in the theaters, Cinderella is coming soon, Once Upon a Time continues on TV, even Galavant airs on abc. Though I’m not so certain about that last one. (But I do love Weird Al.)

Finally, I have been more writing haiku and posting on Twitter. It’s always interesting to see who likes my tweets. Once I used the hashtag #grumpy and then @GrumpyCat followed me. LOL.

See you online,