Okay, I admit it. I am one of those weird people who don’t ever quite fit in. Not many people seem to get me. In real life, that is. Somehow we square pegs seem to find one another online. A curious phenomenon. Although one time I joined an Internet group of introverts: long story short- I had to quit it because OMG all the posts were So Long! #IntrovertsTyping

Let’s get things Rollin’ back over here.

Another Ten Random Things About Me

1. I prefer white chocolate. Okay, the Lindt White Chocolate Truffle balls with the soft velvet center that just takes you to another place. (I still remember my first time. Do you? If not, what are you waiting for?)

2. I can not bring myself to wear insensible shoes. *Sam&Libby bow flats are not insensible!

3. I sometimes brush lipstick on yhe dark circles under my eyes, then add concealer and proceed with my make-up routine. (I saw it on YouTube and it totally works: masks the dark spots and brightens the eye area.)

4. I dabbled in fan fiction a bit. I wrote a love interest for Severus Snape. When I realized it was something of a Mary Sue, I stopped. But not before writing a delicious, steamy legilimency scene.

5. I keep hoping I will fit into my cute clothes from ten years ago again. But I don’t seem to be actually doing much significant in the way of getting there. Probably because…

6. There is a special place in my heart for Cherry Pop Tarts. And those individual pies that you hold in one hand that are glazed with sugar. You know the ones. Tastes like poptart filling wrapped in a Krispy Kreme doughnut. Sugar-filled sugar-coated sugar with a side of sugar and sugar on top.

7. I am fascinated by the Tarot. My card is Death, which I have always understood to mean transition

8. I love a good karaoke session. In my car. Ok anywhere. Karaoke is like therapy for me.

9. My intuition is easily overstimulated, and then I start overthinking. I’ve wasted entire lunch hours thinking about where I should go to lunch.

10. There’s a young man at my day job who is so smooth, I’m embarrassed to say that I find him attractive. He’s just a little flirty but it’s tastefully subtle. Blush-worthy. Makes me feel young again. And I almost let my imagination take me to another place.

Where are those truffles?

Can you relate? What’s your Chocolate?